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Get Planning

There are many details to consider when planning your dream wedding, such as how many feet are required between guests chairs at a round table, where to obtain your marriage license, and what size of linen you require for your tables. Below you will find the wedding planning tools you need to make your special day a success.

Technical Info

There are many technical aspects to take into consideration when planning your wedding. These include how many square feet you will need in your venue to accommodate your guests, dance floor, DJ, Bar, etc.


Seating is much more than putting together a chart for the reception, find everything you need to know about seating for your wedding day.


A wedding is full of love and romance and legalities! There are a number of licenses you will need to obtain.


Use these simple guides to help determine what size of tent you will need to suite your needs and what size of linen you require to achieve your desired look whether it's all the way to the floor, half way or just a quarter of the way down the table!


You have the dress, the beautiful decor but now you need a place to walk down the isle and house all the the flowers and centrepieces. Check out our list of venues in your city.

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