Why Rent

Why Rent

The decision to purchase your event décor or to rent it can be a toss-up for some. Here are a few reasons why you should rent for all your future events!

After a long event, the last thing you will want to do is clean up the mess. Renting allows you to keep entertaining your guests without having to fret about cleaning the dishes or laundering the linen. Let your mind rest knowing that Special Event Rentals will take care of cleaning the equipment used for your event.

Renting event equipment allows you the freedom to concern yourself with the more important aspects of the event, such as the timeline, rather than trying to source out a storage location to house all the décor items require to make your event a success.

Our event rental team is full of knowledgeable, event savvy individuals who are able to provide you with décor tips and assist you in the planning process to help create the event of your dreams.

With the largest event rental inventory in Western Canada, we carry a variety of event décor items; from tents to votive candle holders, we are sure to have what you are looking for to create a spectacular event. There is no need to run around the city to find décor pieces from several different stores when you visit us.

Our rental products are industry-proven which means you will be sure to have the best quality product for your event.

Visit one of our showrooms or our website to view and pick from our selection of event décor products. Choose to either pick up and return your event décor items or have your items scheduled for delivery leaving you free to oversee other aspects of your event.

Even if you’re an extreme-couponer you may not be able to find a deal on a large serving tray, turkey deep-fryer, punch bowl, or great wine glasses. Rent them instead and save money, space, and dish soap.

Renting dinnerware, flatware and glassware allow you the opportunity to save trees from becoming those flimsy paper plates and cups. There also is no minimums to renting, you can rent a single vase or a dozen forks and plates and let your mind rest easy knowing you and your event won’t be contributing to filling landfills.

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