Power Tech®’s Temporary Power Distribution Box is used for indoor or outdoor events and construction projects to provide and distribute power from generators.

- 10x 15/20A (125V) outlets
- 1x 30A (250V) Twistlocks
- ETL approved for indoor and outdoor use
- All outlets have circuit breaker overload protection and all
- U-Ground outlets are GFCI protected.

• Power Tech® boxes are used for all types of general construction, rentals, tradeshows, entertainment events, and wherever portable power is needed.
• Our box is fitted with heavy duty impact and spring-back weatherproof covers which keep out dirt and moisture from the outlets.
• Our GFCI protected duplex receptacles offer open-neutral and reverse-phasing protection for safety .
• These GFCIs offer electrical shock protection by interrupting the circuit when a fault current of 6mA or more is detected.
• Power Tech®’s GFCIs meet the latest UL requirements for continuous self-testing and line/load protection which features an LED light on the receptacle face to indicate your GFCI receptacle is active.
• 7 Individual integrated circuit breakers offer overload protection to each outlet.
• Meets latest ETL & UL 1640 requirements for temporary power, and UL 943 requirements for GFCIs.

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